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Geological sampling is an important part of the early and ongoing exploration process. Soil and rock chip sampling is an effective and cheap way to quickly establish mineralized zones and concentrations within your area of interest. Successful early sampling programs can lead to accurate drill targets that otherwise may have been overlooked and can prevent drilling on structures that don’t carry grade. Soil or rock chip sampling can be executed on a predetermined grid, selectively based on observed mineralization structures, or based off geophysical anomalies. The experienced geology team at Burgex can help plan your sampling program and execute it in the field.  In addition to field operations, we can also provide services to visualize your geochemical data to highlight geospatial trends.  

Once results from a surface sampling program have been obtained, drilling is the next major sampling exploration activity and is necessary to determine grades along a profile. Successful drill programs can add significant value to a resource and reserve estimation of the ore body. Burgex can assist with later exploration sampling activities and project management. We have geologists experienced in drill-hole design, geo-teching, core logging and core sampling. For exploration activities taking place in previously producing sites, we can assist with underground mapping and channel sampling.