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Burgex offers geophysical surveys by contract, these geophysical surveys can be contracted for manned flight or ground teams. Some of the surveys we offer are: 

•Gamma Ray Spectrometry

Is a fast and widespread method used to identify radio nuclides and to determine their radioactivity. Compared to the other methods used to determine radioactivity, sample preparation is relatively easy and the method can even be used in a non-destructive way.

•Induced Polarity Surveys (IP, DCIP)

This is a cutting edge method that measures the chargeability and resistivity of ore rocks in the subsurface. The current is run through a system of at least four points and the electrical variability is measured.

Data acquired is the spatial variation in lithology and the grain-size characteristics of ore

It requires a ground team for multiple weeks depending on terrain and scope and is one of the more expensive geophysical surveys we offer. 

•Radiation Testing for Uranium/Thorium and other radioactive elements.