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Mineralocity Aggregates November NEWSLETTER


Message from the Burgex CEO, Chris Summers


We started with WHY.

According to Simon Sinek, a prominent American author and inspirational speaker, most people and organizations say, “WHAT we do, we sometimes say HOW we do it, but we rarely say WHY we do WHAT we do.” At Burgex, we developed Mineralocity Aggregates with our WHY always being top of mind. In fact, we didn’t fully understand WHAT we wanted to develop until we were a few years into the process.

The one thing we knew without a doubt was that there was an incredible amount of industry data out there, but nobody was able to pull it all together and use it to drive business decisions. We also knew that the demand for aggregates would be increasing rapidly, and supply was not keeping up in many markets. The result has been higher costs for building materials due to the need to transport crushed stone, sand and gravel from long distances to their end use markets. This need for extended transportation, usually in trucks, also creates a larger carbon footprint and increases wear and tear on

our roads, highways and bridges.


That was how our WHY came to life: “To provide the construction aggregates industry with necessary tools to enable the decision-making required to minimize the cost of building materials to end users, while creating a more sustainable future for the environment and our vital infrastructure.” 


Once we understood our WHY, we could better understand our WHAT. Henry Ford said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse.” By understanding our WHY, we were able to develop Mineralocity Aggregates and hope that WHAT it can do will contribute to a more affordable, cleaner and sustainable future. Find out more at


UDOT Conference Review 


We attended the Utah Department of Transportation show in October. It was a great opportunity to showcase and introduce Mineralocity Aggregates to our local community. Mineralocity Aggregates was well received and there were many in-depth presentations given by Jake, our lead GIS developer. We were excited to meet so many DOT folks who are passionate about the people and the industry. They revealed a new plan to connect all of Utah’s major communities through trails and bike paths; a new project that may take decades to finish but highlights the need to connect people and communities.

That’s similar to what Mineralocity Aggregates can do for a business or local community. Communities can plan ahead when they understand what building materials are required to build public infrastructure, commercial buildings and housing. Mineralocity Aggregates provides users with key data points and market intelligence to enable efficient planning. It is a powerful tool to understand the importance of the aggregate construction industry on our future growth and development.


Wednesday evening of the conference we held an open house where we presented an in-depth demonstration of Mineralocity Aggregates’ capabilities, highlighting local aggregate market dynamics to support current and future growth plans in the greater Salt Lake City area. We also discussed Burgex’s exploration and consulting capabilities. It was a great evening with some new and old friends. We look forward to the future and growing relationships! Please contact us to learn more about Mineralocity Aggregates.


Meet Jake Tanner: Architect of Mineralocity Aggregates


Jake has been in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) world for the past several years after graduation from Brigham Young University. Jake always valued that GIS was a unique way to look at data geospatially, but when he started working at Burgex he realized he had the skill set to help create something new.


“We re-constructed how we did an analysis of one location, and then basically learned to take that process and then repeat that process–in this case millions of times to give us the results we need,” said Jake. “Mineralocity Aggregates is a platform to understand and educate the aggregate market, its estimated forecasts, and evaluate site opportunities to facilitate market growth.”


Jake continues to lead the Burgex GIS team and discover new ways to enhance Mineralocity Aggregates. “We’re in contact with a lot of new data providers to add insight with forecasting and understand more factors that play a part of the aggregate market,” Jake continued, “With that being the case, it will give our clients greater capacity with the added insight to make more efficient business decisions and help meet the demand to come.”


FAQ: In-depth Mineralocity Aggregates Demo


Are you ready to dive deeper into Mineralocity Aggregates? Check out this detailed review and demonstration of Mineralocity by Jake Tanner: