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Mineralocity Aggregates September Newsletter

New Pricing Options & Updates
Mineralocity Aggregates is more than Market Intelligence Made Simple; it’s human intelligence, too. Always working with customers and industry experts, we have refined our pricing structure and opened up new payment options.

We now offer a truly free seven-day trial with no commitment necessary. We want you to try the platform, get to know all of the features, see what it can do, learn how to navigate it and discover what key layers are on the platform. The free trial comes with a free demo for those who really want a clear, concise demonstration of Mineralocity Aggregates.

Month-to-month plans are available to those who need it for a few months or for a specific project, but don’t want it long term. It’s a great option for small business owners or those that need granular data for specific reports. Month-to-month plans allow companies to prepare for major purchases, analyze competition, or for business acquisitions.

To people or organizations that are ready for more of a commitment we now offer a 10% discount for a six-month purchase. This is great for a large company that has big projects, is actively producing at many sites and is ready to take their business to the next level.

Strategic partnerships with custom plans are also available for customers of any size. Whether a small or large operation, we can create a custom plan for you to look at specific data that breaks down an exact local or regional market.

Free seven-day trials, month-to-month plans, 10% six-month discounts and specialized custom plans make Mineralocity Aggregates a perfect fit for any person or company. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to learn more!



One of the many issues facing construction aggregate producers today is how to strategically grow in an industry experiencing near record demand. We all know that there are two main avenues for growth: via acquisition, and growth through greenfield site selection and development. Both strategies are now becoming more difficult than ever to execute. The good news is that we have developed Mineralocity Aggregates to reduce the angst around these growth problems.

Today we are going to focus on greenfield site selection. Mineralocity Aggregates looks at the area (down to a half square mile) with a focus on identifying ideal target areas. Factors we consider when analyzing opportunities across the country include:

-  Aggregate supply and demand (surplus or deficit).

- Geology – what geologic units are currently producing aggregate materials and where is the potential favorable geology?

-Land use: Incorporated vs. unincorporated areas, state and national parks, wetlands, and other difficult to permit areas.

- Proprietary population trends and forecasts.

- Production estimates for potential competitors.

We feel your pain and would love the opportunity to help you accomplish your greenfield growth goals. Let us know if you have questions and we’ll work with you to find the correct solutions.


Chris Summers


Using Mineralocity Aggregates to address NIMBY Concerns: Parleys Canyon, Utah

By: Stuart Burgess
Last week I had lunch with an individual who is involved in exploring the potential of developing a construction aggregate quarry in Parleys Canyon, just outside of Salt Lake City. As with most quarries in the United States, the proposal is facing stiff opposition from the NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) crowd. Our discussion focused on the NIMBY opposition and a necessity to find a way to better portray the economic need for the quarry and benefits to the community beyond jobs and tax revenue. I put my thinking cap on and applied the Mineralocity Aggregates platform to utilize market intelligence for this specific proposed operation.
NIMBY-ism is not a new concept: according to Britannica, “The phrase seems to have appeared first in the mid-1970s.It was used in the context of the last major effort by electric utilities to construct nuclear-powered generating stations.” The term has been used consistently since then in relation to housing developments, homeless shelters, incinerators, sewage treatment systems, fracking, nuclear waste repositories, and of course mining and quarrying projects. The idea behind NIMBY is that local residents aren’t necessarily opposed to the ideas behind a project but want it to be built somewhere else – preferably far away. Far away from the construction, machines, noise, dust, and other perceived hazards. The concept makes sense and seems to follow natural human tendencies – many ideas are great in theory until they have a direct impact on your life.Read more…


This short video explains and explores the Mineralocity Aggregates layers that  when combined produce the market potential grid, and provides a brief overview of how to understand how to use the platform.


In addition to the market potential grid, the Mineralocity Aggregates platform provides a host of other interactive tools such as the estimated annual production range of existing commercial quarries, favorable geological units for construction aggregates, regional economic and population growth indicators for future planning, projections and more. With the advanced GIS layers created by Mineralocity Aggregates, dynamic calculations are run on a matrix of granular grids of less than one square mile that cover entire states and regions.

This generates a high-resolution interactive map that can be used to identify areas of supply deficit, which could be ideal for the placement of a new quarry, pit, or distribution yard. The platform also provides a host of other interactive layers such as estimated annual production range of existing commercial quarries, favorable geological units for construction aggregates, regional economic and population growth indicators for future planning and projections, and more.

We will update FAQs monthly and will highlight answers to a number of questions that we receive. If YOU have any questions, feel free to reach out to us directly and let us know. Email or call us at 801-648-6463.