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Huge Milestone Achieved as Mineralocity Aggregates Supply and Demand Market Analysis Completed for Entire United States

A major milestone was achieved this week as the Burgex Inc. Mineralocity Aggregates Team was able to complete a high-resolution visual mapping of estimated construction aggregate supply and demand analysis across the entire United States.

This analysis was completed using tens of millions of individual supply and demand datapoints to create an interactive raster grid that shows supply and demand balance that can be visualized on a local, regional, and national level. In addition to completing this analysis and visual map of supply and demand conditions, the Mineralocity Aggregates team completed an additional supply and demand analysis that shows the predicted aggregate market change over a five-year period to 2025. This analysis was completed using a highly advanced population model that has been developed by the Burgex Inc. market analysis team over the past few years.

Stuart Burgess, Chairman of Burgex Inc. and Manager for the Mineralocity Aggregates Launch Team stated, “In addition to individually geographically locating all 7000+ commercial aggregate producers in the United States, completing this supply and demand analysis represents a huge milestone towards the launch of Mineralocity Aggregates. Completing this phase required an enormous amount of computing power, as well as developing and coding several proprietary models for estimating the production of each individual operation, refining population and per-capita demand, and assembling both into a practical format. This latest analysis is just one more tool that will be available to help drive modern market analysis for construction aggregates. We are driving modernization in market analysis methods for essential mineral goods – like construction aggregates. This has never been done before and has required some very extraordinary innovation on the part of Jake Tanner, our Lead GIS Developer.”

While completing development of Mineralocity Aggregates has been the primary focus of the team, they have also recently attended the National Sandstone and Gravel Association (NSSGA) AGG1 Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. The reception to back-to-back presentations of Mineralocity Aggregates was overwhelming and surpassed all expectations. This enthusiastic response is a strong indication that the United States construction aggregates industry is ready to embrace new technologies within the market analysis and strategic planning segments of industry.  

Next development steps will involve combining this national supply and demand analysis with other new levels of analysis, such as geology and land status polygons, to generate additional analysis that will be useful for aggregate producers, industry suppliers, analysts, and more. These layers and many more will be available to full subscribers of the Mineralocity Aggregates platform. These tools are being designed to assist both producers and industry suppliers alike with market analysis and business development activities.

Mineralocity Aggregates, in partnership with Rock Products, will also be launching its Digital Aggregates Atlas. This Atlas will be available soon and free for use without a subscription. To learn more, sign up for updates, or book a demonstration for your team, contact us by email at or by phone at 801-648-6463.