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The Importance of Mine Planning

Starting a mining project is no small task. It requires strategic planning, preparing, and execution – but why? Having a strategic mine plan set into place is key to establishing your project’s economic and technical direction. Your strategy should encompass economic, environmental, and social aspects and strive for success in all areas. Unfortunately, many times mine planning gets overlooked or undervalued with smaller projects. However, mine planning plays a highly essential role in the achievement of a high-performance project – and proper planning is critical to the permitting process. Our team at Burgex is no stranger to the importance of mine planning, and we’re prepared to shed some light on the subject.

Increased Productivity

By teaming up with the right team of professionals, you can adequately plan to increase productivity by setting up objectives and planning into place to prevent any miscommunication. However, achieving said objectives is generally only achievable by completing other objectives. Therefore, input from all team members is critical to developing the strategy needed for success.

Our team of experts at Burgex comprises 100+ years of combined experience to skillfully leading projects to success. The plan should include a reduction of risk factors while also including minimal production cost. We take the time and knowledge to put together a plan to bring your vision to life in the most efficient amount of time.

Less Room for Error

With careful planning and strategizing, there’s less room for error in mining projects. Errors can lead to delayed completion dates, short-term results, costly mistakes, and so on. It’s not only a danger to your wallet, but it’s a danger to your team. The planning process is the most important part of the whole project, and if not done the first time correctly, there will be significant room for error and mistakes.

The mine plan should include a clear indication of the larger picture and all the small details required. When producing a mine plan, the results are the goal, and everything else will align with those goals. At Burgex, we specialize in mine design and production scheduling. Therefore, we’ll work closely with you to determine a general mining layout and schedule to maximize safety and efficiency.

Long-term Results

With so much time and effort dedicated to your projects, you want to ensure they will produce long-term results. Our mine planning services include long-term planning for both surface and underground mines. These plans laid out will be the blueprint and foundation for the mine. It’s not something to take lightly, and it’s worth putting in the extra amount of time and effort. Long-term plans require long-term focus. The focus should be on achieving the goal of the mine in the long run – equipping your team with the necessary tools and knowledge to do so.

At Burgex, we use the latest mining technology, model reserves, calculate overburden stripping, utilize cutting-edge tools such as UAV data collection and Carlson mining to produce block models, and much more. We use state-of-the-art technology to provide our clients with comprehensive capital and operating cost estimation knowledge for mining projects. With the identification of the value of mineral resources, there can start to be a practical and realistic strategy for extraction. Every material and scenario comes into play for a successful mine planning process.

Don’t Settle

Don’t settle for an average, adequate plan and hope for the best. Instead, use your time wisely by seizing the opportunity to create value and optimize your assets with an expert team. Your project is here for the long run, so you want to ensure everything gets done right the first time. It’s not only a safety measure but a monetary measure as well. The more you invest now, the less you’ll have to worry about afterward.

Use this time now to hire a team that you can rely on and trust. Our in-house mining engineering staff has years of experience to ensure that your future is in good hands. We provide all mining engineering services, from cost modeling to full mine planning to operations improvement. Mine engineering and planning are vital parts of the process, and we are here to take it off your hands. If you’re serious about running a safe, efficient, and successful mining project, then you need the assistance of knowledgeable experts like Burgex. Borrow our in-house engineering team to save time, enhance productivity, and increase profits.