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Placer Gold Districts of Arizona

The placer gold districts of Arizona have a long history of production.
The placer gold districts of Arizona have a long history of production dating back to Native American times.

The placer gold districts of Arizona have been in production on some level for over two centuries.

The earliest placer gold districts of Arizona were discovered by the Native Americans, followed by the Spanish, who worked some of them on a small scale. The Quijotoa district was recorded as having been worked by Padre Lopez as early as 1774. The big production in the placer gold districts of Arizona did not begin until about 1862 with the discovery of the La Paz placers. This discovery fueled a prospecting boom that quickly lead to the discovery of the Dome Rock, Plomosa, San Domingo, and Yavapai County placer districts. The Greaterville gold district was uncovered in 1874 and led to a further rush of prospecting and discovery.

Placer Gold Districts of Arizona

The following list includes all of the districts, sorted by county, that are included in our map. Major districts are in bold:

Cochise: Teviston, Dos Cabezas, Pearce, Gleeson, Gold Gulch, Huachuca

Gila County: Payson, Globe, Dripping Spring, Barbarossa

Graham: Gila River

Greenlee: Clifton

La Paz: La Paz, Plomosa, La Cholla, Trigo

Maricopa: Hassayampa, Vulture, San Domingo

Mohave: King Tut, Gold Basin, Willow Beach, Wright Creek, Lookout, Lewis, Silver Creek, Chemehuevis

Pima: Quijotoa, Alder Canyon, Papago, Old Baldy, Armagosa, Greaterville, Las Guijas, Tyndall, Harshaw, Patagonia, Oro Blanco, Nogales

Pinal: Cañada Del Oro

Yavapai: Granite Creek, Eureka, Copper Basin, Lynx Creek, Groom Creek, Big Bug, Hassayampa, Placerita, Model, Minnehaha, Black Canyon, Weaver, Rich Hill, Humbug

Yuma: Kofa, Castle Dome, Laguna, Muggins, Gila City, Tank Mountains

Learn more about the placer gold districts of Arizona in this report from the State of Arizona Bureau of Geology and Mineral Technology.

There are several other minor placer gold districts of Arizona and many sub-districts that are not included in this map.

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