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Stake a claim: It’s your right!

The West was built on the backs of prospectors and mules.

These brave men, and even a few women, risked everything to scour the hills and streams of the Western U.S. in search of fortune. At the time, gold, silver, and copper rushes were the best opportunity to really make it big. A lucky handful did exactly that, while some carved out enough of a living to get by and many more lost everything and returned home empty-handed.

In today’s economy, opportunities abound for those who have a thirst for adventure and the courage to chase big dreams. Many of these modern adventurers choose to stake a claim on the digital frontier, developing new apps, social networks, computer programs, and even mining digital currency. As with the prospector rushes of the last century, a few of these digital prospectors have struck virtual gold and have carved out fortunes as big as the ones earned by the metal barons of the past. Others have made a living and some have lost everything and moved on. In this modern age of digital claim staking, is there a place for old fashioned mineral claim staking? Absolutely. The mining and mineral exploration industries are going through a rough patch right now, but that won’t last forever. Our time will come again and we will rise; will you be joining us?

Stake a claim!

The opportunity for U.S. individuals and corporations to stake a claim and control the mineral wealth on public lands is an incredible investment opportunity that still stands today. There have been multiple attempts over the years by environmental groups and others to eradicate the General Mining Act of 1872. Not only are there threats to the existence of the General Mining Act itself, but also frequent attempts by the BLM and some in Congress to raise the fees for staking and holding claims. Every year more and more areas are withdrawn from mineral entry, never to be opened again. The only way to maintain mineral rights in these closed areas is to have preexisting rights; so stake a claim while you can. This is a golden opportunity to claim and hold real mineral rights that can last for generations when properly staked, filed, and maintained.

Where to get started

To get started, you will need to find an open area where you want to stake a claim. This will require some research and a little prospecting. This link will take you to an article that will help you find federal land open for prospecting.

Once you have selected an area and have prospected and sampled it to determine that it is worth claiming, you will want to draft your paperwork and stake a claim on the ground according to the regulations of the state that you stake a claim in. After the mine claim has been staked on the ground, you will need to file your notice of location and a claim map with the local County Recorders Office. Once the paperwork has been recorded, you can file it with the BLM. County filing fees can vary significantly, but are generally somewhere between $10 and $30. BLM filing fees for new lode and placer claims are currently $212, and will likely go up within the next few years.

Keep up on your annual maintenance fees.

Before September 1st of every year after staking your claim, including the year in which you stake your claim, you will need to file your annual maintenance fees with the BLM. If you have 10 claims or less, you may qualify for a small miners exemption. We will cover this exemption further in a later article. The BLM maintenance fees are currently $155 per 20 acre lode or placer claim, or every 20 acres of a larger associated placer claim. As with the fees to initially stake a claim, these annual maintenance fees will also likely go up over the next few years.

What are you waiting for? Stake a claim today. This is an opportunity that is unique, has greatly contributed to the development of the Western United States, and has the potential to provide a good return on your investment. It is becoming harder and harder every year for the small and mid-sized miners and mineral explorers to afford to stake and hold claims, are you going to buck the trend and try your hand at making a fortune? If so, we welcome you.

For those who are interested in prospecting and staking the last frontier, please note that staking and filing claims on Alaska State lands varies significantly from the process outlined here. Here is our article specifically covering staking claims on Alaska State Lands.  Please subscribe below to get email notifications about new articles that we will be publishing about the claim staking, prospecting, exploration, mining, and permitting processes.

Burgex Inc. has staked thousands of lode and placer mining claims for our satisfied clients across the Western U.S. and Alaska. We understand the federal regulations and local requirements for staking claims and make sure that our projects are all completed quickly and accurately. Want to stake a claim yourself? We also provide consulting services for those looking to stake a claim and locate their own mining projects. Contact us today for a free estimate.